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Sermon 1: Praying with Boldness   (3/22/20)

Sermon 2: What is My Mind Filled With?   (3/29/20)

Buchanan Church of God Virtual Prayer Walk   (4/04/20)

Palm Sunday Sermon   (4/05/20)

Maundy Thursday Sermon  (4/08/20)

Good Friday Message   (4/10/2020)

Easter Worship Service 2020

A Precious Resource Sermon (4/19/2020)

Blessed Are The Poor in Spirit (4/26/2020)

Blessed Are The Mourners (5/03/2020)

Blessed Are The Meek (5/10/2020)

Blessed Are The Hungry (5/17/2020)

Are You the Salt?  (5/22/2020)

Are You Being a Light to the World? (5/31/2020)

Roadkill or Roses? (6/07/2020)

Grateful for What? (6/14/2020)

Encourage Someone Today! (6/21/2020)

How Enthusiastic Are You? (6/28/2020)

Where Does Spiritual Confidence Come From? (7/05/2020)

Church Service (7/12/2020)

Church Service (7/19/2020)

Sunday Service (7/26/2020)

National Day of Prayer 2020 Resources

Promotional Video: National Day of Prayer 2020

National Day of Prayer: Prayer Guide

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